Pandemic Response Grants from The Community Foundation’s Emergency and Disaster Response Fund Top $1 Million

(May 1, 2020) Grants from the Emergency Disaster and Response Fund (EDRF) to assist frontline human service organizations responding to the COVID-19 pandemic exceeded $1 million with awards approved this week. Grants totaling $108,248 bring the amount distributed to $1,060,148 in 18 WNC counties, including the Qualla Boundary.

In March, CFWNC activated its EDRF. Dogwood Health Trust and WNC Bridge Foundation quickly agreed to partner to provide seed funding as a means to distribute money to human service organizations on the front lines as quickly as possible. The effort has grown as more regional funders, corporations, generous individuals and CFWNC fundholders contributed to the Fund.

“We are humbled by our region’s generosity and desire to help those struggling with hunger, housing and basic needs during this pandemic,” said CFWNC President Elizabeth Brazas. “But EDRF grants only scratch the surface of what is needed to address and eventually recover from this crisis. It is difficult for all of us, but this situation is crushing for people who were already struggling with the daily challenges of persistent poverty. Every meal provided, every hour of childcare funded, every family supported could make a world of difference to a less fortunate neighbor. This is why we will continue to distribute additional grants to the best of our ability, as we wait for State and Federal relief funds to flow.”

Funding partners include AMY Wellness Foundation, Biltmore Lake Charitable Fund, Facebook, The Glass Foundation, Mission Health HCA Healthcare – North Carolina Division, Nantahala Health Foundation, Pisgah Health Foundation, Ramble Charitable Fund and Wells Fargo as well as dozens of individuals.

Tax-deductible donations of any size are welcome to support the EDRF. Administrative fees are waived so that every dollar goes directly to assistance.