A bequest is the simplest way to leave a legacy of caring for the issues, organizations or community most important to you during your lifetime.

Drs. Jill Vargo and Tony Sciara worked with The Community Foundation to plan their legacy and support their community in ways meaningful and important to them. They established the Flying Doghouse Fund, an expectancy fund that provides a place and a plan for the future.

What Are The Advantages?

  • You can make a bequest at any time and at any age by adding to your existing will or drafting a new one.
  • You can contribute to an existing fund or create a new named fund of any type.
  • Your gift is excluded from estate taxes.
  • Your intent for the purpose of your fund and grantmaking are honored by The Community Foundation forever.
  • Our professional staff handles all the details of establishing and operating the fund created or endowed by your gift.
  • Your gift continues to grow when you create an endowed fund. Endowment funds use only investment income for grantmaking, preserving and growing the principal as a permanent source of charitable capital.

Your bequest can include cash, appreciated stocks, property or other assets. Retirement plan accounts are particularly attractive for bequests, since heirs would otherwise be taxed on the income. Reach out to learn more.

Other planned giving options may pay you or family members during your lifetime. Learn more about Charitable Gift Annuities or Charitable Remainder Trusts.

A bequest is a gift designated in your will. Upon death, that gift is transferred from your estate to The Community Foundation.