Human Services

Working in partnership with donors and other funders to address critical needs facing our region's marginalized populations

Black Wall Street AVL was awarded $20,000 to establish a business incubator cohort to enhance the capacity and revenues of black and brown-owned businesses. Photo courtesy of Black Wall Street AVL.

CFWNC fundholders and donors contributed $526,932 to the total grants awarded. The co-investors are: Carol Waggle Oliver Fund, Charles F. Hamrick and Marguerite D. Hamrick Charitable Fund, Craig Family Foundation Fund, Crutchfield Charitable Fund, Deerfield Retirement Community Advised Fund, Delphinium Fund, Dogwood Charitable Endowment Fund, Dr. Robert J. and Kimberly S. Reynolds Fund, Fenton Family WNC Fund, Helping Hand Fund, Henri Landwirth Family Endowed Fund, John and Janet Garrett Charitable Fund, Little Acorn Fund – W, Mary Beth Allen Charitable Fund, Moran Family Fund, Mountain Jewell Fund, Oliver Family Fund, Perez Family Fund, Peterson Endowment Fund, CFWNC Professional Advisory Committee Charitable Fund, Rachel Helen Silver Sunshine Fund, Rick and Bridget Eckerd Charitable Fund, Samuel and William Elmore Fund for Mental Wellness, Serviceberry Fund, Terrence Lee One Love Fund, Tina and John McGuire Charitable Fund, Travis and Jenny Boyer Fund, Trillium Fund, Walnut Fund, Wasson - Stowe Charitable Fund, Yeager-Cole Fund and one anonymous fund. A complete list of the grants is available at

Several private foundations partner with CFWNC to support projects in Western North Carolina. The Glass Foundation and Lipscomb Family Foundation provided generous support for these grants.

Competitive Grants

From CFWNC's founding, a core value has been to support human service nonprofits with the goal of ensuring that everyone has access to resources and services to meet their basic needs.

Unlike the other three focus areas, Human Services offers a competitive program with grants up to $20,000 for programs or projects that promise significant help for economically-disadvantaged people in the region. Grants are funded by the Janirve Legacy Fund, co-investment from CFWNC fundholders, discretionary funds, and private foundations that partner with us. In November 2023, CFWNC awarded $1,373,190 through 73 grants to nonprofits throughout the region.

Grants are intended to:

  • Address a timely community need or opportunity not being addressed by other agencies;
  • Continue, replicate or expand a proven program or project;
  • Increase cooperation and coordination among program providers;
  • Build the internal capacity of an organization to be more self-sufficient or efficient;
  • Purchase equipment that provides an immediate and substantial benefit.

Additional Human Services Grants

To learn more about our Human Services focus area, contact Senior Program Officer Virginia Dollar at 828-367-9907.