Donor Relations

Our goal is to help you align your giving with your passions. We can provide opportunities for you to learn about specific charitable organizations and issues, connecting you to causes and projects that fit your interests.

Co-invest with CFWNC

Our donors are our partners. When an organization submits a grant request, we think of you and your giving priorities. Collaborative grantmaking is one way we support our donors in achieving their philanthropic goals. Our team researches and establishes relationships with the charitable organizations in our region. If we see a grant for a project that we think will match your interests, we want you to know about it. When a donor partners with us, or “co-invests” in a grant, we are working together to make a difference.

Site Visits

We love visiting nonprofits throughout our region and invite you to join us. Our site visits are a way for you to see your philanthropy at work, or learn about a specific nonprofit or program. Our donors have visited childcare centers, recording studios and vast farmland protected by conservation easements, just to name a few.

To learn more about co-investment or site visit opportunities, contact Spencer or Angela.


DonorCentral, our online portal, provides an easy process for recommending grants to your favorite nonprofits. DonorCentral allows you to access your fund at any time and from anywhere. You can make grant recommendations, monitor the history of your fund, and view your fund balance and quarterly statements. Sign in or contact Spencer or Angela to get registered.

Important note to DonorCentral users: When CFWNC upgraded DonorCentral, our goal was to make it easier for you to access information about your fund, recommend grants and connect with CFWNC. Unfortunately for some fundholders, that’s not what happened. Significant technical problems have required patience, time and energy to address. These issues have been reported to the software provider Blackbaud, escalated to their corporate leadership, and reported publicly to our peers in the community foundation field.

For those of you who have been affected, we share your frustration and appreciate your patience. We are committed to serving you and facilitating your giving. Here are the ways we can help:

If you have a fund and would like to recommend a grant to a nonprofit, you can log in to DonorCentral or you can download the grant recommendation form.

Download the Donor Handbook to learn more.