You can make a difference in the McDowell County by making a tax-deductible gift of cash, securities, life insurance or real estate. By pooling your gift with those of your neighbors, you can provide significant support for local needs.

Meet Becky Cross

In 1995, The McDowell Endowment was established with a $10,000 gift from a family with deep ties to McDowell County. It was created to offer a safe, purposeful, long-term way for people to give back. The endowment has grown to $1.1 million. Becky was the driving force in establishing the McDowell Endowment and the initial chairperson and has been an active member of the board since the Endowment was established.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Western North Carolina was awarded $2,500 to recruit and train mentoring volunteers. Photo courtesy of Big Brothers Big Sisters WNC.

How to Donate

Donate online or send a check made out to "CFWNC" with "McDowell Endowment" in the memo line to the address below. (Please note that checks not made out to CFWNC may be returned.)

Mail checks to:

4 Vanderbilt Park Drive, Suite 300
Asheville, NC 28803
Memo: McDowell Endowment

Legacy Funders

Legacy Funders honors individuals who have arranged for a future gift to our affiliate in the form of a bequest, charitable remainder trust, charitable gift annuity, retirement assets, life insurance, life estate or other deferred contribution. Legacy Funders of The McDowell Endowment who have formally informed us in writing that they wish to be listed publicly include:

  • John M. and Becky Cross
  • R. Marshall Dark Jr. and Barbara W. Dark
  • Mrs. Albert C. Hogan and Vickie
  • Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. McCall
  • Sharon L. Parker
  • Joy Q. Shuford

Since 1995, The McDowell Endowment, in partnership with The Community Foundation, has awarded 181 grants totaling $1,240,456.

Thanks to Our Donors (7/1/2021 - 06/30/2022)

  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Arnett
  • Ms. Marion H. Baker
  • Mr. Rod Birdsong
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jim Burgin
  • Dr. and Ms. Mark Burton
  • Mr. and Mrs. George Simeon Butler
  • Clashmore Logistics, Inc.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Cross III
  • Mr. and Mrs. O. Roane Cross Jr.
  • Mr. Simeon R. Cross
  • Mr. and Mrs. John M. Cross
  • Mrs. Penny Cross
  • Mr. R. Marshall Dark III
  • Mr. R. Marshall Dark, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dan Davis III
  • Mrs. Glynda Dean
  • Ms. G. Juanita Doggett
  • Mrs. Kimberly M. Effler
  • Mr. and Mrs. W. Hill Evans
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Faulkner
  • Mr. C. Frank Goldsmith, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow P. Greene
  • Mrs. Thurlene M. Hogan
  • The Hon. and Mrs. Robert C. Hunter
  • Mrs. Wanda Hyder-Blount
  • Mr. Ryan K. Kelley
  • Mr. Michael Lavender
  • Mr. Ric Luther
  • Dr. and Mrs. Michael McCall
  • McDowell Chamber of Commerce
  • Mr. and Mrs. W. Ray McKesson
  • Mrs. Patt B. Medders
  • Mr. and Mrs. Cy Miller
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Noyes, lll
  • Ms. Sharon Lee Parker
  • Mr. Laurance D. Pless
  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ramsey
  • Ms. Kara Ann Reel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ryan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Shelley
  • Mrs. Joy Q. Shuford
  • Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Smith
  • Ms. Sharon P. Smith
  • Ms. Nancy Spencer
  • Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Sprinkle
  • Mrs. Nancy C. Stewart
  • Ms. Gwen Straub
  • Mr. and Mrs. Forest Sutton
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tisdale
  • Dennis J. Whitson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wood
  • Mrs. Bobbie and Mr. Jim Young Jr.
  • Anonymous

Contact Melissa Edgington for more information about the Foundation’s Affiliate Program.