Becoming a Donor

What matters to you? Do you want to support the arts, help the homeless, protect our environment or build affordable housing?

Alejandro Barberena dreamed of honoring Consuelo, his energetic, smart mother, by supporting the educational efforts of single moms. He found a way to do that by working with CFWNC. Read the story or watch the video to learn more. Photo by Angelo Gianni.

We offer customized philanthropy.

Whether you want to simplify your giving, focus on certain causes, provide scholarships or plan your legacy, we are here to help. We offer convenient, tax-efficient options for giving and work with you and your professional advisors to tailor strategies to your situation.

More than 1,200 funds make up The Community Foundation. Each has a unique purpose reflecting the wishes of the donor. A new fund can be established with a simple agreement, usually in one meeting. There is no fee to open a fund. Ongoing administrative fees vary slightly based on the type of fund and its assets (download a fee schedule).

The funds are as varied as the people who created them; what is universal is the focus on giving back and helping others.

Funds and Planned Giving Options

The McClinton Family has been in Asheville since 1978, the same year as CFWNC's founding. Sue joined the board in 1992, and the family opened their first donor advised fund in 1995 to accomplish their charitable goals, create a legacy and eventually involve their son Danny and granddaughter Miah. Photo by Lynne Harty.

We work with people who want to give back.

We are home to charitable funds created by generous individuals, families, business and organizations to support the region and the causes they care about.

We are a local organization that supports Western North Carolina communities, of all sizes, in just about every aspect of our work, and you can count on our local knowledge.

Our public charity status provides maximum tax advantages under state and federal law, we accept a wide variety of assets and can facilitate even the most complex forms of giving.

Not sure what type of fund is best for you? The Foundation staff can help. Contact us to discuss your options and charitable goals.

Read the McClinton family's story.

“Our family's charitable legacy with CFWNC is important because it grounds our giving in an awareness of local needs.”

— Miah McClinton

Ways to Give

  • If you want to make a tax-deductible gift to an existing fund, donate online.
  • New improved online fund access will debut February 8. If you already have a donor advised fund but do not have online access, contact Spencer Butler.
  • You may also send a check to CFWNC, 4 Vanderbilt Park Drive, Suite 300, Asheville, NC 28803. Please note the name of the fund your gift should benefit.
  • If you would like to contribute stock or make a wire transfer, Elena Briceno can help.

Ready to join our community of givers? Connect with us today.