Becoming a Donor

You have goals for your charitable giving. We are here to help you achieve them.

John Hazlehurst opened his first CFWNC fund in 2007 and his most recent in 2023, for a total of 24 funds - nineteen charitable gift annuities and five expectancy funds. “I’ve spent most of my life in Asheville, and I feel very attached to this place. It makes me feel good to be giving back, and I have found CFWNC to be a good match for my giving. In the process of wanting to make charitable gifts in the community, annuities ease some of my tax obligations, and the process is straightforward. It is pleasing to me to know that in addition to satisfying my desire to give back that I have the opportunity to modify my plans. My loyalty is with CFWNC.” Photo courtesy of CFWNC.

Your partner for philanthropy.

You are invited to a personalized and confidential conversation to discuss your charitable priorities. Whether you want to simplify your giving, focus on certain causes, provide scholarships or plan your legacy, we are here to help.

With more than forty years of experience, we offer convenient, tax-efficient options to complement your planning. When appropriate, we work with you and your professional advisors to tailor strategies to your situation. Each fund reflects the wishes of the donor(s) and maximizes its charitable purpose. A new fund can be established with a simple agreement and without a fee. Ongoing administrative fees vary based on the type of fund and its assets.

More than 1,280 funds make up The Community Foundation. Each has a unique purpose reflecting the wishes of the donor. The funds are as varied as the people who created them; what is universal is the focus on giving back and helping others. We invite you to learn more about our fundholders through their stories.

Funds and Planned Giving Options

“Our family's charitable legacy with CFWNC is important because it grounds our giving in an awareness of local needs.”

— Miah McClinton

How to Give

  • Establish your own fund.
  • If you want to make a tax-deductible gift to an existing fund, donate online.
  • You may also send a check to CFWNC, 4 Vanderbilt Park Drive, Suite 300, Asheville, NC 28803. Please note the name of the fund your gift should benefit.
  • If you would like to contribute stock or make a wire transfer, Melissa Crouse can help.

Ready to join our community of givers? Contact Laura Herndon, Vice President, Development, to learn more.