COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Photo courtesy of BeLoved Asheville.

A coalition of regional funders came together to support an Emergency and Disaster Response Fund activated and administered at CFWNC that awarded more than $1.3 million in grants over a nine-week period. Initial funding partners included Dogwood Health Trust and WNC Bridge Foundation. Other funders quickly came on board and were joined by CFWNC fundholders and community members who wanted to help. You can review a complete list of contributors below.

The Fund provided flexible resources to organizations with deep roots in communities and experience addressing basic needs and filling public health gaps. Grants supported nonprofits in 18 WNC counties and the Qualla Boundary.

Although the first phase of CFWNC’s grantmaking response to the COVID-19 pandemic has closed and nonprofits can no longer apply to the EDRF, CFWNC is working to determine how grantmaking will address the pandemic in our new fiscal year, beginning July 1. Please check the grants directory often for updated information about eligibility and application requirements for CFWNC grant programs.

Gifts from CFWNC Funds

Dorel A. Abbott Charitable Fund
Allen Family Charitable Fund
Helen Allen Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mary Beth Allen Charitable Fund
Thomas C. and Genevieve H. Arnold Fund
Barrager Family Fund
Hal and Leslie Berry Charitable Fund
Travis and Jenny Boyer Fund
Brown Family Endowment
Brown Family Fund
Crutchfield Charitable Fund
Darilyn Dealy Fund
Delphinium Fund
Deutsch Family Endowment Fund
Rick and Bridget Eckerd Charitable Fund
G & S Sanguine Fund
Jim and Margie Haaga Fund
Ken Hughes Charitable Fund
Matthew Terrence Lee One Love Fund
William and Barbara Lewin Charitable Fund
Dan Lucas Memorial Fund
Marty Charitable Fund
Susan and Raymond McClinton Charitable Fund
McKenna-Landis Fund
Minigowin Fund
Oliver Family Fund
Painter Family Fund
Skip and Gael Paschall Charitable Fund
CFWNC Professional Advisory Committee Charitable Fund
Riverbend Fund
Sherrod and Margaret Salsbury Foundation Fund
Samsel Architects, P.A. Fund
Serviceberry Fund
Sigmon Fund
Belle and Abe Slobodin Fund
Steps2peace Global Fund
Taku Fund
Walker Family Charitable Fund
Wasson-Stowe Charitable Fund
Eric Anderson Weigel Memorial Fund
W. M. Winkler Fund
and 7 anonymous funds

Gifts from Individuals

Ms. Pam Aho
Julia Akers
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Allen
Ms. Ellen Anderson
Mr. Martin Anderson
Ms. Shelly Anderson
Asheville YaYa's
Ms. Sarah P. Ashworth and Mr. Polk Deters
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Avery
Rod and Bess Baird
Mr. Joseph Barcia
Mr. Reis Baron
Rev. Kelly L. Belcher and Mr. Philip Belcher
Mr. and Mrs. Chip Bell
Mr. Sam Bishop
Mr. Phil Blake
The Brazas Family
Janice Brumit
Dr. and Mrs. Nathan L. Burkhardt
Spencer Butler
Ms. Havely Carsky
Ms. Cecily Carsky-Miller
Ms. Susan Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Comer
Mr. Luke Copeland
Ms. Brenda Craig
Mr. Steve Cucchi
Becky Davis
Carol Deutsch
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Devorkin
Mr. Robert Disney
Leslie Dressler
Ms. Rachel Durchslag
Shelley Eatherly
Jennie Eblen, in honor of Women for Women
Rick and Bridget Eckerd
Mr. Michael Edwards
Ms. Heidi Fields
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fields
Ms. Judy Figura
Mr. Phil Fryberger
Ms. Edeltraut Gilgan-Hunt, in honor of Women for Women
Mr. and Mrs. David Greenspan
Mr. David M. Greiner and Mr. James Gray
Larry Griswold
Ms. Deborah Gunvaldsen
Louise (Luisita) Haas, in honor of Women for Women
Dr. Constance Haire and Mr. Phil Haire
Mr. Craig Hall
Lynn Harmon, in honor of Women for Women
Harrison Family
Mr. Mitch Hayes
Ms. Lyndi Hewitt
Holmes-Weis Family
Bill Jacobs and Susan Posey
Dr. John Hoskins and Ms. Laura Webb
Ms. Elizabeth Hussey
Dr. Susan Jenkins
Ms. Elizabeth Johns
Mr. Mark Johnson
Mr. William Johnson
Ms. Ellie Johnston
Bette Jore
Mr. Richard A. Kark
Ms. Margaret Kipp
Kathie Kline
Ms. Virginia Kowal
Ms. Jane Kramer
Mr. Nick Ladd
Pam Lane, in honor of Women for Women
Gypsy Lee
Ms. Betsy Levitas
Mr. Joseph Lewis
Ms. June Litchfield
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Loftin, in memory of Celeste Loftin
Ms. Barbara Lohf
Ms. Sara Luca
Ms. Myra S. Lynch
Dr. and Mrs. William T. Maddox
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Maher
Ms. Gina Malone
Mr. David Martin
Xiaoxi Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Bill J. Mauldin
Sue McClinton
Ms. Leigh McCracken
Mr. Bobby McHugh
Mr. and Mrs. M. Kerney McNeil
Mr. Mike Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Miles
Ms. Brenda Millett
Dr. Merritt Moseley
Ms. Jessica M. Oleschlaeger
Mr. and Ms. Ruben C. Orengo
Ms. Sylvia Organ
Emily Partin
Ms. Holly Paul
Mr. Ted Pettus
Mr. John Pomeroy
Ms. Amira Ranney
Ms. Mary O. Ratcliffe
Ms. Kerri Ressmeyer
Ms. Carol Rifkin
Ms. Maureen Ripper
Ms. Laura Robbins
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Robert
Mr. Kyle Rogalski
Dr. and Mrs. Charles T. Rowe
Ms. Ellen Sandweiss, in honor of Women for Women
Ms. Katherine Schofield
Pat Smith
Solon Smith
Ms. Suzette Soule
Ms. Rebecca J. Steves
Ms. Martine Stolk
Ms. Andrea L. Stolz
Dr. Janet Thatcher, PhD, in honor of Women for Women
Mr. Steve Thompson
Ms. Cindy Tuttle
C. West
Ms. Betsy White, in honor of Women for Women for disaster relief
Ms. Stephanie Wilds
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Y. Williamson
Ms. Amanda Willingham
Mr. Jon Wilson
Tricia Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Winner
Ms. Margaret Yarbrough, dedicated to Bebe Abel
and two anonymous donors

Corporate Gifts

Joel Adams and Associates, Inc.
Altavista Wealth Management, Inc.
Boys, Arnold & Company
Davis Financial Planning
R. Walton Davis, III, P.A.
Deutsch & Gottschalk, P.A.
Eaton's Corporation
First Citizens Wealth
Garlock & McKinney, PC & Fidelicare, Inc.
Gilreath Shealy Law, PLLC
Goldsmith Molis Gray, PLLC
Gould Killian CPA Group, P.A. / Altamont Capital Management, LLC
HomeTrust Bank
Johnson Price Sprinkle PA
Little and Lattimore, P.A.
McGuire, Wood & Bissette, P.A.
Merrill Lynch
Northwestern Mutual
Parsec Financial
Patla, Straus, Robinson & Moore, P.A.
The Satori Group, Ltd.
Satterfield & Phillips Financial Strategies Group of Wells Fargo Advisors
Strauss Attorneys, PLLC
Ward and Smith, P.A.

Do you want to help?

If it is possible, please continue to give to organizations you regularly support and to those who need your help at this crucial time.