Recent Grants

Since 1996, the Rutherford County Endowment, in partnership with The Community Foundation, has awarded 233 grants totaling $1,661,363.

Photo courtesy of Rutherford County NC Cooperative Extension

Growing Gardeners in Rutherford County

The Master Gardener Program of the Rutherford County NC Cooperative Extension was awarded $2,500 for the Growing Gardeners Program to support a gardening program for youth. With Rutherford County roots in agriculture, this program hopes to inspire young people to recognize the importance of farming and create interest in home gardening for the health and well-being of families. Funds received will purchase start-up tools, plants, seeds, and fertilizer for approximately 20 youth between the ages of 9 and 13 years old, to begin a fruit and vegetable garden at home. These efforts will promote responsibility, outdoor activity, healthy eating and overall improvements for a healthier lifestyle away from digital screens and other sedentary habits.

Spring 2022 - Grants totaling $84,670

Basics Christian Ministries - $8,000 for building repair, technology and a water heater for its building that houses services for low-income and homeless people.

Blue Ridge Hope - $4,000 to rent a building for its afterschool programs.

Children's Cancer Partners of the Carolinas - $2,500 to support children with cancer and their families by assisting with medical treatment and travel expenses.

Community Pet Center - $2,500 to provide free vaccines and microchips for pets of low-income families.

Grahamtown Team - $10,000 to refurbish and sell houses to fund services for low-income people.

Hope Center of Rutherford County - $7,670 to repair a floor in a building used for transitional housing.

Out Of The Ashes - $5,000 to support homeless shelter operations.

Pisgah Legal Services - $5,000 to provide legal services to protect children.

Rutherford County/NC Cooperative Extension - $2,500 for a youth gardening program.

Rutherford Housing Partnership - $10,000 to provide home repair services for low-income people.

Salem United Methodist Church/Washburn Community Outreach Center - $10,000 to correct a drainage problem at its food distribution center.

Thrive - $7,500 to provide housing and support services for homeless people.

The Source Ministries/The Source Outreach Center - $10,000 to provide food, hygiene products, baby supplies, and household items to the community through a weekly pantry and delivery service.

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