You can make a difference in Transylvania County by making a tax-deductible gift of cash, securities, life insurance or real estate. By pooling your gift with those of your neighbors, you can provide significant support for local needs.

Meet Ken and Layne Racht

Every community needs visionaries who imagine a better tomorrow. Isabel Nichols and her dream to create a fund that would forever meet the changing needs of Transylvania County caught our attention. By making a legacy commitment to the Transylvania Endowment, we are honored to stand with her in a continuing promise of philanthropy for our beloved community.

Muddy Sneakers was awarded $7,000 to provide programming for Brevard Elementary, Brevard Academy, and TC Henderson in the spring semester. 5th-grade students participated in a Muddy Sneakers stream ecology field trip at the Laurel Community Center pavilion. The instructor, Miranda Norlin, outlined a stream with rope, used foam pads to serve as rocks, laid out laminated cards with stream critters and instructed kids about how to move and handle the critters gently. Photo by Mary Kelly.

How to Donate

Donate online or send a check made out to "CFWNC" with "Transylvania Endowment" in the memo line to the address below. (Please note that checks not made out to CFWNC may be returned.)

Mail checks to:

4 Vanderbilt Park Drive, Suite 300
Asheville, NC 28803
: Transylvania Endowment

The Isabel Nichols Society

The Legacy Funders honors individuals who have arranged for a future gift to our affiliate in the form of a bequest, charitable remainder trust, charitable gift annuity,

The Isabel Nichols Society honors individuals who have arranged for a future gift to our affiliate in the form of a bequest, charitable remainder trust, charitable gift annuity, retirement assets, life insurance, life estate or other deferred contribution. Isabel Nichols Society members who have formally informed us in writing that they wish their membership to be listed publicly include:

  • David Burchfield*
  • Sara Champion
  • Elizabeth R. Craig
  • William Harper
  • Sherry G. Minnich
  • Ken and Layne Racht
  • David W. and Sara B. Sowersby
  • Aleen Steinberg

* deceased

Since 1998, the Transylvania Endowment, in partnership with The Community Foundation, has awarded 175 grants totaling $1,336,045.

Thanks to Our Donors (7/1/2022 - 06/30/2023)

  • Mr. and Mrs. William S. Alexander
  • Ms. Karla S. Atkinson
  • Mrs. John W. Bicknell
  • Mr. Don Bieger and Ms. Dora Miller
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tom Blackstock
  • Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bradner
  • Ms. Sara Champion
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dickinson
  • Ms. Carol Dugger
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Eubanks
  • Mr. and Mrs. James P. Furniss Jr.
  • Mr. John D. Goins
  • Mr. and Mrs. John D. Goins
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hamilton
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bob Harrell
  • Mr. and Mrs. John F. Holbrook
  • Dr. and Mrs. James L. Holimon
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. Hughes
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jackson
  • Mrs. Carlene S. Jerome
  • Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Jerome
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kibler
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kirkman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Larry Klein
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kline
  • Mrs. Katherine S. Lafrance
  • Mr. John Lauer
  • Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Lemel
  • Ms. Helen McAfee
  • Mr. and Mrs. Donald N. Molitor
  • Mr. Michael K. Pratt
  • Mr. Kenneth G. Racht
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gayle E. Ramsey
  • Mr. Jeff Reed Carter
  • Mr. and Mrs. Randy Rush
  • Jim and Sally Sacha
  • Mrs. Nancee L. Salyer
  • Mrs. Dorothy Semans
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shevory
  • Mr. Bruce A. Snyder
  • Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Stewart
  • Irene Thomas
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Wallis
  • Anonymous

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