Advisory Board

Volunteers provide The Community Foundation with crucial leadership and local expertise as we partner to raise funds for our region.

Advisory Board Members

Nick Bearden (Vice Chair), Don Bieger, Beth Lastinger (Chair), Scott Latell, Rob Lee, Caroline McKenzie, Michael Pratt, Jason Ramsey, Nancee Salyer, Mark Shevory, John Shoemaker, Bruce A. Snyder, and Judy Welch (Secretary).

The Advisory Board also advises grants from the Aleen Steinberg Endowment Fund, Richard G. Adamson Memorial Fund, the Duncan-Bicknell Endowment Fund, the Burlingame Charitable Fund, the Lake Toxaway Charities Endowment Fund, the Bobby Orr Memorial Fund for Transylvania County Sheriff’s Department, the Karen Wilde Memorial Fund for Brevard Police Department, the Holbrook-Nichols Transylvania Housing Assistance Fund, the My Brother's Keeper Fund, and the Connie Boylan Fund that support Transylvania County.

Contact Melissa Edgington for more information about the Foundation’s Affiliate Program.