Nonprofit Resources

Since 1978, CFWNC has distributed more than $362 million in grants. Grantmaking is important, but there are many other ways we assist nonprofits.

Virginia Dollar with Pathways staff Jeannette Butterworth and Niconda Garcia

WNC Nonprofit Pathways

Western North Carolina Nonprofit Pathways is a collaboration of the following funding organizations:

WNC Nonprofit Pathways was formed in 2006 out of concern about the increasing demands on nonprofits. The funders recognized that nonprofits must operate from a place of organizational strength in order to carry out their missions effectively. Each year, these same funders contribute dollars to provide Pathways’ services, making high quality, capacity building support available at low or no cost to nonprofits across the mountain region.

Pathways also receives generous ongoing support from The Duke Endowment and Dogwood Health Trust.

For detailed information, visit the Pathways website.

Foothills Conservancy of NC’s (FCNC) mission is to permanently protect land and water resources. “While it might be challenging to wrap one’s mind around permanence, that is what we have to plan for,” said Executive Director Andrew Kota. “Part of that planning begins with intelligent, well-qualified investment management to make wise use of the land trust’s financial assets.” Learn more about FCNC's partnership with CFWNC. Photo courtesy of FCNC.

Nonprofit Endowments and Funds

CFWNC helps more than 130 regional nonprofits by offering them expertise in administration and management of their investments. Working with the Foundation enables nonprofits to access institutional-caliber strategies in a cost-effective manner and complements their development efforts with our full range of offerings such as charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts. Nonprofits gain access to layers of supervision, diversity of investments, benchmarks and standards that an independent portfolio might not command on its own.

Learn more about nonprofit funds.

Fundholders and co-investors toured the Shiloh Community Center with its staff and CFWNC staff

Philanthropic Advisors

Our role as philanthropic advisor is one with dual benefit to donors and nonprofits. Fundholders work in partnership with the Foundation to support effective organizations and have access to emerging programs and projects in the areas they care most about. Through these relationships, distributions from donor advised funds can supplement CFWNC's discretionary grantmaking. Because we have unique opportunities to leverage common interests and pool resources, these grants can have a meaningful impact.

Funders and Other Resources For WNC Nonprofits

This list includes foundations, corporate funding sources, and other resources that have recently supported nonprofit organizations in WNC.

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