Pigeon River Fund

More than 25 Years Supporting Water Quality Projects in Buncombe, Haywood and Madison Counties

Through Spring 2023, more than $9.2 million has been awarded in grants by the Pigeon River Fund to projects in Haywood, Buncombe and Madison counties.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license creating the Pigeon River Fund (PRF) as well as the PRF Fund Agreement defined the objectives of the grant program as follows:

  • To improve surface water quality
  • To enhance fish and wildlife management habitats
  • To expand public use and access to waterways
  • To increase citizens' awareness about their roles in protecting these resources

The Pigeon River Fund was established in 1996 through an agreement between Carolina Power & Light (now Duke Energy) and the State of North Carolina. The grant program is administered by The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina.

We are grateful for PRF support for critical water quality projects. Of equal importance has been the ability to apply the fund as a match to leverage larger projects. A dollar from PRF can often attract two or three or four more from other funders.

— Garrett C. Artz, Former Executive Director, RiverLink

To learn more about the Pigeon River Fund, contact Senior Program Officer Tara Scholtz at 828-367-9913.

Pigeon River Fund Advisory Committee

Grant decisions are made by members of the Pigeon River Fund Advisory Committee who are appointed by the Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Natural Resources per the FERC license agreement.

Review the Pigeon River Fund License Statement.

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The Pigeon River Fund exists to improve the streams and rivers of Haywood, Buncombe and Madison counties.