Donor Advised Funds

If you want convenience and flexibility to address your charitable interests and priorities, consider a donor advised fund.

The Oliver Family uses donor advised funds to accomplish their charitable goals.

What is a donor advised fund?

A donor advised fund is a fund for which the donor and his or her family members make recommendations for grants, subject to the approval of the Foundation’s board of directors. The Foundation manages check writing, reporting and paperwork. Many donors choose this type of fund to simplify their annual giving.

Interested in learning about how the Oliver Family started their donor advised fund? Read their story.

Friends of Shannon Christy opened a donor advised fund to honor her memory and support her passions. The Shannon Christy Memorial Fund awards grants to nonprofits that empower girls and women, protect the environment and rivers, relate to kayaking or the outdoors and more.

When you choose a donor advised fund

  • You can create a flexible endowment fund, which allows you to make grants from principal and earnings as you wish, as long as you maintain a balance of at least $10,000.
  • Or consider an endowed fund, designed to grow charitable assets over time. Charitable distributions from endowment funds are determined by the CFWNC Spending Policy, which is based on the average market value of the fund over time.
  • An initial gift of $10,000 or more establishes your fund; you can add gifts in any amount and with a variety of assets – cash, publicly traded securities, real estate and more.
  • Your gifts are fully tax-deductible in the year of donation to the fund.
  • You can recommend a grant to any 501(c)(3) charity in the United States, including houses of worship, schools and universities.
  • Online tools make it easy to track your giving and make grants.

Additional benefits at The Community Foundation

  • Access CFWNC’s expertise and experience to learn about community needs and potential grantees.
  • Increase your impact by co-investing with CFWNC and other fundholders to support competitive grants across the region.
  • Leave a legacy for children or grandchildren by naming them to advise your fund after your lifetime.

Download a PDF list of The Community Foundation's Donor Advised Funds.

Contact our Development Staff about creating a donor advised fund.

Choose a donor advised fund when you have an interest in supporting a number of causes and want to remain involved with your charitable choices.