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Welcome to CFWNC's online fund access!

Through upgraded online fund access, you can quickly and easily view your fund (or funds), recommend grants, add to your fund and view your fund balance, grantmaking history, gift history, fund agreement and more.

Have a CFWNC fund and want to begin accessing your fund online? Please email us or call 828-254-4960 to set up your account.

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Please be aware that your user name and password are case-sensitive. Enter your user name using all lowercase letters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up my login and password?

If you would like to access your fund online, contact Angela Farnquist or Spencer Butler. CFWNC will email a link to access your fund(s). The link will enable you to create your password and follow clear steps to log in.

Once you have set your password, you can log in any time through Online Fund Access.

I haven’t received my login email yet. What should I do?

Check your spam or junk folder for an email from CFWNC with the email “”. It includes a link that is essential for setting up your password and entering the site. If you cannot locate the email, contact us so that we can resend the information you need to get up-and-going.

I’ve lost my password/locked myself out. What should I do?

The system will lock you out after five unsuccessful login attempts. You can reset your online fund access password at any time through “Forgot Password”. Your username is the email that we have on file as your primary email. Instructions to reset your password will be sent to your primary email address. If you still can’t access your fund, we can help.

What browsers are supported by the online fund access?

CFWNC’s online fund access is a cloud-based system that means it has full compatibility on a wide-range of devices and browsers. Users report a better experience with the Google Chrome browser than with Internet Explorer or Edge browsers.

Depending on what kind of fund you advise, your online fund access will look something like this:

Home (pictured above) shows the fund balances, lists the fund advisor(s), and shows recent grants from the fund and donations to the fund. See below for an overview of the navigation tabs.

Choose Fund

If you serve as an advisor to multiple funds, conveniently switch back and forth between funds using the “Choose Fund” tab.


Shows gifts to your fund. Clicking on a contributor’s name will show their history of donations to the fund. You can export this data by clicking on “Export”.


Shows grants made from your fund. Clicking on a grantee’s name will show the history of grants made to that organization. You can export this data by clicking on “Export”.

Grant Request

You can make grant recommendations from the fund’s spendable balance. There is a $250 grant minimum.


Beginning in April 2021, all future quarterly fund statements will be available here.


Access your fund agreement here.

Donate with a Credit Card

Make a gift to one of CFWNC’s field of interest funds or to your fund.

Log Out

Exit and return to the login page.

For questions about accessing your fund or fundholder services, contact Senior Donor Relations Officer Spencer Butler at 828-367-9903.