Creating a Bequest

A bequest in a will or other planning document is one of the simplest ways for your clients to make a gift or establish a charitable legacy at The Community Foundation.

Through a bequest, a client may make a contribution to an existing fund or establish a named endowment fund. Either option ensures that their charitable wishes will be carried out forever.

Bequest Language

I/we give and bequeath to The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, Inc. (EIN: 56- 1223384) (all the residue of my/our estate OR stated percentage of estate OR a stated sum OR a specific asset) real or personal which I/we own at the time of my/our death(s) or over which I/we have power of disposition. The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, Inc. shall administer said gift for the sole benefit of, and in accordance with, the provisions of its Articles of Incorporation and any amendments or additions thereto at any time made.

For clients who have created a fund at CFWNC

I/we direct that this distribution be added to and become part of the (NAME OF FUND) held and administered by The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, Inc., in accordance with the provisions of the agreement establishing said Fund.

Beneficiary designation

Using the form provided by the bank, financial service firm or plan administrator, name The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, Inc. (EIN: 56- 1223384) to receive a percentage of plan assets.

Clients who plan to give from their estate by beneficiary designation without making a current gift can create a legacy fund to specify their charitable wishes, then amend their agreement at any time without needing to update their legal or financial documents.

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"CFWNC has been an important resource to me and my clients. In situations both complex and simple, I know that the staff will guide us toward the smartest way to make a gift or create a legacy. I count on their experience, expertise and integrity."

— Sarah Thornburg