Women for Women Endowment

An endowment helps to ensure our future financial sustainability.

In 2019, six grants totaling $341,800 were awarded by the Women for Women Giving Circle. Photo by Michael Oppenheim.

The endowment will provide a revenue stream for the giving circle's operations over and above the $100 included in an annual membership.

When Women for Women considers an organization for a grant, we ask about the diversity of revenue streams and fiscal sustainability. Adding another revenue stream to Women for Women operations strengthens our financial sustainability and supports long-term growth. We are leading by example.

An endowment will provide annual income for Women for Women that will afford a stable and sustainable future for the giving circle. It helps protect our finances from changes in the economy and fluctuations in membership. Additionally, it provides a giving option for members and friends to make donations at any time during the year, leave a bequest or make a memorial gift.

Our goal is to build this endowment to $250,000. Help us reach our goal.

Thank you to the following Women for Women Endowment Donors

Anonymous (3)
Julia Akers
Britt Allen
Denise Altay
Margaret Averyt
Susan Barbour
Amy Barry
Lin Brown
Linda Brown
Janice Brumit
The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina
Carrie Coward
Virginia Craig
Alison Czeczuga
Darilyn Dealy
Lynne Diehl
Henrietta Dillingham
Leslie Dressler
Jennie Eblen
Clara Ferguson
Shirley Ferguson
Sue Fernbach
Kay Finger
Hedy Fischer
The Frederick Bliss Foundation
Jacqui Friedrich
Deborah Fulton-Helmer
Ellen Gaddy
Louise Glickman
Lynnell Goacher
Lisa Green
Sydney Green
Louise Haas
Lynn Harmon
Lois Henrickson
Sheila Horine
Katherine James
Susan Jenkins
Beth Johnson
Julie Johnson
Bette Jore
Kathie Kline
Pam Lane
Polly LeFaivre
Becky Lehman
Lee Anne Mangone
Rendi Mann-Stadt
Sue McClinton
Pamela Nickless
Barbara Norman
Barbara Norris
Kendall Wright Oliver
Eleanor Owen
Patricia Pace
Emily Partin
Anne Ponder
Cat Potts
Jill Preyer
Katie Wood Ray
Sally Rhoades
Kat Rorison
Jayne Schnaars
Susan Shanor
Bonnie Smith
Maggie Smith
Pat Smith
Katherine Soderquist
Eva-Michelle Spicer
Louis Stein
Sally Stein
Cathy Steinback
Monty Stepura
Summit Search Solutions
Janet Thatcher
Katina Turner
Katie Wadington
Laura Webb
Betsy White
Pam Winkler
Margie Zack
Olivia Zahler

As of June 30, 2020, the WFW Endowment Fund total is $213,976.