Grants totaling $276,100 from the Emergency and Disaster Response Fund Distributed

(April 1, 2020) The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina announced 36 grants totaling $276,100 from its Emergency and Disaster Response Fund to nonprofits addressing COVID-19 pandemic response and relief efforts in 18 counties of Western North Carolina including the Qualla Boundary, bringing the total amount distributed to $562,900 in just two weeks.

The grants represent a coordinated response to immediate human service needs not covered or not yet covered by other emergency funding sources. The goal is to award grants weekly on a rolling basis through a simple, expedited process.

“I am very grateful for the partnership and swift action of regional funders who came together to help mitigate needs exacerbated by the pandemic in Western North Carolina,” said President Elizabeth Brazas. “From childcare for essential workers to hunger and physical or mental health, demands are increasing on human service nonprofits. It is our goal to help frontline organizations by filling gaps and meeting immediate needs across the region.”

In addition to CFWNC, Dogwood Health Trust and WNC Bridge Foundation, funding partners include AMY Wellness Foundation, Biltmore Lake Charitable Fund, Nantahala Health Foundation, Pisgah Health Foundation, Ramble Charitable Fund and Wells Fargo.

Public response to CFWNC’s request for donations was immediate and generous with community members and CFWNC fundholders stepping forward to help. The first individual contribution came from CFWNC fundholder Matt Lee who said, “This experience is a powerful example of how interconnected and interdependent we are. My father was an infectious disease doctor. I grew up hearing about the possibility of a pandemic like COVID-19 and the devastating effect it would have, especially on vulnerable members of society. When I saw that CFWNC was activating an emergency relief fund, I felt called to contribute to these efforts to provide immediate support and aid to affected members of the community I love.”

If you would like to view the donor list or join it by supporting aid to those affected by COVID-19, you can make a tax-deductible donation online to the Emergency and Disaster Response Fund. Administrative fees are waived so that every dollar goes directly to assistance.