Trails & Views Forever

Blue Ridge Parkway view from Craggy Pinnacle. Photo by Vicki Dameron.

The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation (BRPF) opened its first CFWNC endowment fund in 2001. It proceeded to create six more funds over the next two decades to support growth and financial sustainability. The BRPF is also the beneficiary of two designated funds, established in partnership with donors. Its most recent one, the Trails & Views Fund, established in May 2021, was created to address the specific issue of deferred maintenance along the Parkway.

Budget deficits have led to an $11 billion-dollar problem for national parks. With no entry fees, the Blue Ridge Parkway is especially vulnerable and has one of the highest deferred maintenance backlogs in the entire system. While this is a huge issue affecting natural, historical and cultural resources, it also threatens neighboring communities dependent on a tourism-based economy. The Parkway draws more than fifteen million recreational visitors each year—exceeding visitation to Yellowstone, Yosemite and Grand Canyon National Parks combined.

“We are over a third of the way to our $3-million goal for Trails & Views Forever,” said, Jordan Calaway, BRPF Chief Development Officer. “These funds will provide resources for eight to ten years of planned projects including campgrounds, trails, picnic areas and overlooks.”

“Outdoor spaces are at the very heart of a Parkway experience,” continued Calaway. “Through the generosity of donors and with the guidance of the CFWNC team, this fund will provide a lasting impact to literally millions of people.”

“We are confident in our decision to partner again with CFWNC,” she said. “The staff guided us through the establishment of the Trails and Views Fund,” she said. “We are thrilled to continue our working relationship and to have the opportunity to access their expertise and investment strategies for this effort. With continued support, we know we can reach the overall goal of $3 million.”