Supporting Sustainability and Giving Back

Photo courtesy of Jim Kimmel and Suzanne Guest.

Suzanne Guest and Jim Kimmel volunteer at the International Friendship Center (IFC) in Highlands. Jim also serves on the board. IFC runs the food pantry in Highlands and works to provide basic human needs for individuals and families in Highlands, Franklin and Cashiers.

“IFC does important work in our community, and I wanted to make a contribution to support its long-term sustainability. I spoke with another board member who mentioned CFWNC. Having worked as a professional investment advisor, I was familiar with community foundations and the way they are structured to serve their regions.

I reached out and connected with Senior Development Officer Becky Davis. She is a fantastic resource. I described what we wanted to do, and she helped me set up an endowed designated fund. It was simple to do, and it is my hope that it contributes to IFC’s growth and serves as a sign of permanency.

Suzanne and I give to other organizations here and elsewhere. After opening the fund for IFC, we decided to centralize our giving by opening a donor advised fund (DAF). It makes the process of supporting causes that matter to us so much easier.

Partnering with CFWNC reduces paperwork, accounting and administration. CFWNC has a professional and accessible staff with a deep knowledge base. They are not pushing an agenda but are helping donors achieve their charitable goals and promoting the greater good for WNC.

The Highlands Community Fund is also a great resource that we are happy to support. I have found CFWNC to be a repository of ideas and an effective central focal point for philanthropy in WNC.

We are so fortunate in being able to give back to our community. There are ongoing needs that we can help to meet, and CFWNC helps us do that in a professional, efficient manner.”