Sharing the Goal of Permanence

Photo courtesy of Foothills Conservancy of NC.

Foothills Conservancy of NC’s (FCNC) mission is to permanently protect land and water resources. “While it might be challenging to wrap one’s mind around permanence, that is what we have to plan for,” said Executive Director Andrew Kota. “Part of that planning begins with intelligent, well-qualified investment management to make wise use of the land trust’s financial assets.”

“FCNC opened our endowment at CFWNC with a modest contribution of about $20,000 in 2009,” he continued. “Since then, our board has directed cash resources to grow it so that it now provides meaningful annual income to our general operations through investment distributions. This income provides stability and sustainability that allows FCNC to be visionary in planning for the future.”

“CFWNC has a proven successful track record of managing investment portfolios,” said Kota. “This is a valuable resource to nonprofits in our region because the level of expertise that CFWNC provides is simply something that would be difficult for us to obtain on our own. It allows our organization, and many other nonprofits, to focus on advancing our mission and serving communities.”

“Having CFWNC as a knowledgeable, trusted and skilled partner has proven to be a valuable resource in working through complex gifts,” said Director of Development Pam Hardin. “It gives our donors confidence that their gifts will be stewarded as they intended. A few years ago, CFWNC assisted an estate in establishing an endowment fund to provide annual support to FCNC. This fund has been transformational and has helped us purchase our current office space, initiate and expand our kids’ summer nature camp program, and fund more conservation projects."

“FCNC was awarded a grant that enabled us to collaborate with other land trusts to complete an agricultural conservation plan to guide farmland protection efforts in a rural area impacted by high development pressure,” said Hardin. “Ultimately, this CFWNC grant helped target our farmland preservation work, allowing landowners to protect their farms so that they can continue to provide locally-sourced food to our region.”

“CFWNC is a portal between individuals who care about WNC and nonprofit organizations,” she continued. “FCNC and CFWNC share the goal of permanently protecting assets to support a better quality of life for our region. Partnering with CFWNC is important to us because of the community-based nature of our work focused on the protection of natural resources for the benefit of all.”

Many things that make me hopeful. I work in a sector where people give to make communities stronger and better, improving the quality of life for all. Seeing this passion, commitment and generosity inspires me and gives me faith in the greater good.

— Pam Hardin