Meet John Hazlehurst

John Hazlehurst opened his first CFWNC fund in 2007 and his most recent in 2023. He now has a total of 24 funds, nineteen charitable gift annuities and five expectancy funds. He has worked closely with CFWNC to accomplish his charitable goals.

Photo courtesy of CFWNC

“I’ve spent most of my life in Asheville, and I feel very attached to this place. It makes me feel good to be giving back, and I have found CFWNC to be a good match for my giving. In the process of wanting to make charitable gifts in the community, annuities ease some of my tax obligations, and the process is straightforward.

Some people develop a feeling in life, certainly in the later stages of life, to want to return some of the benefits and gifts that their career has provided. Moreover, there are so many places to give. I am interested in cultural organizations and those serving people. It has been a real pleasure to think that, in some way, I am contributing to their function day-by-day and maybe as they grow.

The Community Foundation has been so dependable, reliable and efficient. When I get the urge to do this, the staff responds quickly with all of the necessary paperwork. It works so well, and the funds are managed flawlessly. When it’s time for me to receive some of the interest back, it is always deposited right on time. There are no deficiencies or criticisms from my standpoint.

Having the Foundation as the responsible custodian of the funds – to manage them and distribute them as one wishes – provides a great sense of comfort. I have had no concerns about how everything has been carried out, and the performance has been great. It is pleasing to me to know that in addition to satisfying my desire to give back that I have the opportunity to modify my plans. My loyalty is with CFWNC. I’m sticking with you.”

John Hazlehurst
Fundholder and Philanthropist