Bounty & Soul - Produce to the People

Photo by Michael Oppenheim.

My heart and my passion has always been to help others. Before working for Bounty & Soul (B&S), I did that in other ways. Now with B&S, I have more tools and more ways to help. That's why I always say "I’m working at my dream job."

B&S not only provides food to people, it creates community. When we arrive with our food truck, people come early to help us unload and set up. We do the work together. When an organization crosses the barrier of connection and trust, something beautiful happens. People open their hearts.

I was born in Mexico in a very poor family of six. My dad and mom worked so hard to give us the education they never had. They motivate me to want to help others. There are good people everywhere, and if we continue working together, we can make beautiful things happen for this country.

Francisco R. Chavez, B&S Latinx Program Coordinator