Be Like Jane

Photo by Michael Oppenheim.

Jane Tara Cicchetti is an Asheville-based practitioner of classical homeopathy for 35 years as well as a teacher, author and researcher. She helps clients across the U.S. and in several countries work toward transformational healing, and shares her decades of experience and training with colleagues.

Jane brings that same sense of generosity and care for others to her charitable giving. “I learned about CFWNC through MANNA FoodBank,” she said. “MANNA is efficient and creative, and I wanted to support their work.”

Jane knew that a charitable gift annuity was the right vehicle for her and opened one benefitting MANNA earlier this year. “I love the idea of charitable gift annuities,” she explained. “They combine support for a favorite charity and the creation of reliable retirement income. I think they are underutilized in financial planning.”

“The first experience I had with CFWNC was extremely positive,” she continued. “The staff is informative, respectful and transparent. There was never any pressure and there is much gratitude.”

“When I needed another annuity, I created one that benefits CFWNC’s Fund for Western North Carolina. The idea of directing remaining assets to a nonprofit that benefits so many in our region appeals to me. I’m certain they know who needs assistance.”

When asked about the causes she cares most about, Jane said there are many, including access to food and medical care and a new interest in providing students with computers and internet connections necessary for remote learning.

“I believe that the capacity for generosity is part of the human spirit that is continually evolving,” said Jane. “It is a gift to have the opportunity to express it. The Community Foundation provides opportunities for community members to be part of the process of helping others. This makes for a vital and abundant community.”

How can we live an abundant life if others are in need and we do nothing?