Women for Women Announces $270,000 in Grants

Representatives of the nonprofits awarded grants celebrate with Women for Women members and CFWNC President Elizabeth Brazas.

(May 23 - Asheville, NC) – Pulitzer Prize-winning author and presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin was the featured speaker at the sold-out 13th Annual Power of the Purse® held today at the Crowne Plaza resort in Asheville.

After providing background and context, Goodwin used her deep knowledge of four presidents – Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson – to lay out traits that have historically served sitting presidents well. They included the ability to respond to adversity with resilience; a willingness to create a strong, diverse cabinet; self-reflection leading to growth; a temperament that allows for compromise; a strong connection to the people they serve; and ways to relieve the pressure of the highest office. Each of the four leaders, she continued, left legacies that reveal the moral aspects of their presidential terms in office.

She called for the creation of a national service program for young people as one way to bridge the political polarization of current times. She also endorsed more women serving in political office as women seem instinctively to collaborate and seek balance.

The afternoon included the announcement of $270,000 in grants made by the Women for Women giving circle. Since 2006, the Women for Women giving circle has made grants totaling more than $3 million. The grants were made to nonprofits working to facilitate safe living environments for women and girls including efforts to combat domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, bullying, sexting and elder abuse. They include:

Boys and Girls Club of Henderson County was awarded $31,772 over two years to fund staff, supplies and field trips for participants in a program for high-need/high-risk girls and boys. The Club uses SMART Moves, a national program with a research-based curriculum aimed at the prevention of Bullying and Domestic Violence, as well as healthy relationship building.

Mitchell County SafePlace was awarded $41,428 over two years to continue funding for a staff person who provides a primary Domestic and Sexual Violence prevention education program "Love = Respect" at Mitchell High School, Bowman Middle School and Harris Middle School. "Love = Respect" uses the Safe Dates curriculum that is proven to help young people recognize the difference between caring, supportive relationships and those that are controlling, manipulative or abusive.

Park Ridge Health was awarded $70,000 over two years to create a Henderson County Sexual Assault Response Team (SART), an organized group of professionals who support victims through the medical, emotional and legal issues and procedures. Funds will renovate a specialized forensic exam room, purchase vital forensic equipment, conduct specialized training for SART partners and increase community awareness about the available services for victims. The SART is a nationally recognized and proven model that leads to the prosecution of perpetrators.

SAFE of Transylvania County was awarded $100,000 over two years to develop a Family Justice Collaborative and hire a Victim Navigator who will be the point person for the coordinated efforts of the partnering organizations. The Collaborative is based on the Family Justice Center model and involves the cooperation of law enforcement, the court system, governmental service agencies and other nonprofits.

Steps to HOPE was awarded $26,800 to upgrade the security system of its domestic violence shelter, a locked facility that is in service 24 hours. The current system is 14 years old; software no longer supports programming and parts for repair are not available. The upgraded security system will ensure that victims of domestic violence and sexual assault remain safe from their abusers.

The 2017 Power of the Purse® benefits The Women's Fund, a permanent endowment at The Community Foundation. Proceeds from The Women's Fund are distributed through the Women for Women grant program and this year provided $36,750 to the grant pool. The giving circle always welcomes new members;