Grant Awarded to Haywood County Schools Foundation

(March 2022) CFWNC awarded $15,160 from its Emergency and Disaster Response Fund (EDRF) to the Haywood County Schools Foundation to replace a utility vehicle and other equipment damaged in flooding from Tropical Depression Fred.

Pisgah High School and Canton Middle School share resources including buses, athletic fields, athletic equipment, trainers and school maintenance equipment. The replacement of the vehicle was not covered through insurance or FEMA funds. The vehicle is used by custodial staff for moving landscaping materials, hauling heavy articles and transporting teacher instructional supplies; by the athletic department for dragging fields, assisting trainers and transporting injured players; by campus guards during emergency situations; by career and technical education for programs; and by others.

“Getting back to as normal as possible is our goal,” said Clint Conner, principal of Pisgah High School. “Our custodians, coaches, trainers and, most importantly, students, have lost so much through these trying times. If we can do anything to make things run more smoothly, we want to do that. Having our own utility vehicle on campus allows us to do many day-to-day tasks more efficiently.”

To access EDRF funds, nonprofits use a simple, expedited process to apply for grants awarded on a rolling basis. In addition to CFWNC and a lead gift from Dogwood Health Trust, funders include WNC Bridge Foundation, Mission Health, Wicked Weed Brewing and donations from CFWNC fundholders and the community.

Bringing people together to address regional issues is a key role of community foundations. Learn more about this collaborative response or apply to the Emergency and Disaster Response Fund grant program.