Abundance in Action

2019 Year End Report

To have an abundance of something means you have more than you need. Taking the next step and sharing what you have is the generous impulse that underpins much of CFWNC’s work. This year, in partnership with generous donors, CFWNC facilitated $20 million in grants – an all-time high. An abundance mindset and the passions of our donors drive the majority of the grants that leave CFWNC and support countless causes and nonprofits.

CFWNC is fortunate to witness abundance in action on an almost daily basis. This is not limited to funding. The commitment of the strong network of nonprofits serving WNC inspires us. Whether addressing hunger, affordable housing, early childhood development, or just about any issue you could identify, organizations in our region work efficiently and effectively - cooperating and collaborating to meet as many needs as possible.

The videos on this page and the printed report highlight fiscal year 2019, however CFWNC has worked with others to expand philanthropy across 18 counties for more than 40 years. We do this in partnership with other funders, numerous nonprofits and many generous people.

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The Legacy Society recognizes the generosity and foresight of those who have remembered The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina in their will or trust.

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