2022 Year End Report

We are all everyday people.

The theme of the FY 21-22 report is Everyday People, chosen to recognize and celebrate some of the heroes doing extraordinary work across our region.

We believe solutions based in trust and experience, that come from our friends and neighbors, have the strongest potential to transform communities. People like Marianne Martinez at Vecinos in Cullowhee, Franciso Chavez at Black Mountain's Bounty & Soul, the Catawba Vale Collaborative partners in Old Fort and many more are changing lives and making a difference daily.

We can support their work because of the generosity of our fundholders, donors and those who have left resources here for future generations. Many of those people come to us on referral from their advisors. We are part of an ecosystem that together is more than the sum of its parts.

With a big nod to Sly & the Family Stone for inspiration, life is complex. We do have to live together. CFWNC aims to cultivate the cooperation and compassion that enables us to find common ground and establish understanding to address today's divisiveness and serious issues. We are all everyday people. We can all play a role.