2022 Year End Report

One step at a time. As long as it takes.

“Optimism is the belief that the world is changing for the better; hope is the belief that, together, we can make the world better.” Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

In the throes of our complicated now, CFWNC is making space for possibility and compassion. We pledge to look for meaning in challenging moments, to listen and learn from others, to choose and use our words carefully, and to seek connection and common ground. With the support of our friends and partners, we will approach the future with hope and determination.

CFWNC exists to facilitate philanthropy. This year’s grants and distributions bring total giving to more than $305 million in our 43-year history. That number represents hope and action from thousands of fundholders, donors and nonprofits. During this uncertain time, we can look to this prolonged, united effort and find reasons to be inspired.

This is not to suggest that we always agree or that we see an end to our challenges, but the point is not completeness, the point is willingness. Even if we don’t have all of the answers, we can commit to continuing to work and make progress. Through our actions, we can lay a foundation for those who come next. What’s more hopeful than that?

Photo by Travis Bordley